We'll take you by the throat

At the Hotel Thea is good food at home

On one of our stoves the Bolognese sauce is slowly simmering, almost ready for your lasagne and pasta. On another stove we're preparing a sauce with the best local fish. And from the oven comes the sweet smell of a homemade pie. Our chef, Savino, takes his job very seriously and uses only the best ingredients to delight your tastebuds

At Hotel Thea we believe that a great holiday can be even better if you enjoy great food. "We are what we eat" and we are committed to give you only the best, from breakfast to dinner. 

Indulge in our homemade pies and cookies: the best start to your day!

The breakfast buffet of Hotel Thea offers a selection of cereals, fruit juices, fresh and canned fruit, croissants, cookies, several types of bread, jam, honey, muesli, yogurt and so on. And for those who prefer savoury options we have a wide selection of cheeses, meats, eggs and bacon.

Are you ready to soak up the atmosphere of Romagna?

For both lunch and dinner you can begin with our rich buffet of appetizers, salads and vegetables. Later on the waiters will be happy to serve you your choice of fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.

Every week we like to introduce you to our local cuisine: our famous Piadina flatbread, the local Squacquerone cheese, the best bluefish of the Adriatic Sea, lasagne, our homemade Ciambella Romagnola paired with the best local wine... and the list goes on!

And don't forget about our weekly wine tasting on our rooftoop bar! 

And for the younger ones...

We know that kids have different needs from adults and that's why there is the possibility to prepare soups, broths and baby meals (just ask your waiter and tell them your preferences).

From mid June until the end of August parents can relax while our children's entertainer takes care of the kids, with games, bricolage or dancing.